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Alex Grant: Reviews

Absolutely beautiful music.
I've bumped into Alex Grant twice around Phoenix, AZ, and have always been stunned by how beautiful his music is. I bought this album directly from him (and also Metaphor, which is also gorgeous) and listen to it whenever I need to relax. It's good music for writing to also. It relaxes you and gives those creative juices a chance to flow. Even my cat loves it. I can't get her out of my lap when it's playing. She's purring as I write this. Every track on this album (and Metaphor, too) is a joy, and I'm looking forward to receiving the other two albums that I just found on Amazon within the next week or so.

"Falling in" is my favorite. All of the tracks are all beautiful, but something about this song realy gets to me. It's also what he was playing in the bookstore that made me stop, transfixed, and listen. Well, I guess it's the song that made me fall in to the music. Sorry about the pun, but that's exactly what happened. I hope Alex doesn't stop at 4 albums.
Superb artist.
I had the pleasure of hearing Alex live in Phoenix. He was playing at the center of an open-air mall. His piano music was not really on my mind at the time, as I was dining with friends. Yet at the end of our meal, I went over Alex and purchased his CD. Since then, I've purchased every album Alex Grant has made as each song manifests Alex's unique and rich talent.
Simply Outstanding. I found this CD totally by mistake - but some mistakes are worth making as I quickly discovered.

Probably the most hauntingly beautiful and relaxing music I've ever heard.

Value for money? I don't think I've ever bought a CD that I liked every track on until now.

A composer destined for great things. From what I've read Grant has been out there for 10 years - I'm just stunned he is not more recognized. Can't wait to buy more of his work.
Like sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in, Grant's music mesmerizes your senses.
A MUST for relaxation and introspection. I met Alex Grant 4 years ago in Phoenix whil walking through the Mall. I saw him playing and inititally thought he was selling pianos! Once I realize that he wrote the music, I took the time to listen and fell in love with the music. Absolutely insipring! Pick any matter the name, it brings pictures to your mind that you can't shake. I bought 3 complete sets of his music on the spot. One for me and 2 for friends. Alex was gracious enough to autograph all of them. I take his music everywhere. It allows me to unwind and relax. Thanks Alex. I look forward to hearing more.
Beautiful, emotional, music from the heart. I heard Alex Grant giving a free open-air concert in Phoenix, Arizona, while I was there killing time before a job interview in 2001. I've never been a big fan of piano instrumental, but I absolutely love Alex's music. I listen to Evening's Last Light often as background music while studying. I highly recommend this to anyone with an ear for classical piano or new converts. Thanks, Alex if you read this.
This is a great CD! I just got this CD in the mail and I've already listened to it twice. As a pianist, Alex Grant rates right up there with Yanni, David Lanz and Jim Brinkman. The addition of strings on some of the pieces add depth and emotion. I highly recommend this CD and will no doubt be buying more of Alex Grant's work in the near future!!
A softly lilting lyrical dance of an album. If you like piano that sings to your heart while sustaining your soul, chances are you will love this CD. I had the incredible good fortune of hearing Alex play pieces from it live one Christmas season day in a shopping mall venue with incredible acoustics, and hearing them brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. And his play here is no less captivating, with its heartfilled softly frolicking melody, soulful bass foundations, and quietly celebratory twinings, all wrapped in warm studio hall acoustics. Enjoy!
A Powerful, Beautiful Album. I own all three of Alex Grant's albums and this is definitely my favorite. His music is warm and inviting but hardly your usual background piano music; it is engaging and successfully transitions between complexity and simplicity. My favorite track is Chasing Fireflies. I recommend this album for anyone who enjoys the beautiful things in life. Alex Grant's music is one of those things.
Love Alex's music, I have all four CD's. This is a wonderful CD, different than most. But I Loved it!!! Keep up the good work!!
This is a great CD My daughter is a ballerina and uses it for dance.
Reviewer: Cate Johnson
Great CD, calming and beautiful
I really am enjoying this CD. It is great for relaxing and enjoying my time in the car as well as at home.
Metaphor and Evening's Last Light are our dinner music!
I just ordered Metaphor and I'm extremely pleased! It has the same inspirational quality as Evenings Last Light, which I've owned for years. Alex Grant's piano music inspires me, motivates me, and puts me at peace all at the same time! Mr. Grant's music plays for us quite often during dinner time! The whole family enjoys it.
I heard Alex at a Borders and Books and have enjoyed my cd's.
This cd was the first I bought. Metaphor shows the terrific talent Alex has. I love listening to this cd to unwind or even to work more effectively!
I really enjoy this cd. Everytime I listen to it, it inspires me to do the right thing and be the better person. I, myself am a piano player and i would really like it if i could learn your songs. I can learn them the hard way, "by ear" or if i saw you play it i can also learn that way. i only want to learn. I hope you enjoyed reading my review.
Great, raw piano music.
Heard it played live in the mall...Just as awesome on CD!
Great relaxing music to detune by.
Wonderful piano music. Takes the stress off the day. Makes a long commute peaceful.
I also heard this cd for the first time in my massage class. And i've played piano since i was 4 years old and fell in love with the songs! I wanted to listen to the songs over and over. The cd is great! Beautiful songs!
Great listening CD
I first heard the cd at my school clinic, for massage therapy. I find the music soothing from the first moment to the last. I didn't realize that every song I enjoyed hearing was from the same cd and not various artists. It made me want to buy this great cd and use it in the future with my clients.
I had the pleasure of hearing the "live" version of this CD at a promotion Alex was doing in CA. He graciously signed a copy for me and I'm surprised I haven't worn it out! My 8 year old son enjoys it just as much as I do! It's very relaxing and filled with so much more than words can say!!! I highly recommend it to everyone!